Vendor Info

Exhibiting at Christmas Expo

If you sell outdoor-related holiday decorating supplies or services, this event will get you in front of the over-the-top decorators.

  • Our audience consists of residential outdoor decorators, commercial decorators such as parks, cities, and businesses that specialize in Christmas decorating
  • Co-Owned and managed by a professional event planner with over 25 years experience in the industry managing small meetings to large convention trade shows and an extreme decorator and owner of
  • Booth space is open only to vendors who specialize in indoor and outdoor holiday (i.e. Christmas and Halloween) decor
  • Christmas Expo is not a craft or gift expo


Interested in being a part of Christmas Expo?

We pride ourselves on being different than many consumer or trade shows. We don’t nickel/dime the vendors to death or charge high fees to supplement other parts of the expo. Floor space is reasonably priced. Our convention facility is chosen with the event needs in mind in areas that provide convenient access to attendees and exhibitors.

  • Show setup is Wednesday and the doors are open to the public Thursday through Saturday.
  • Vendors are required to keep their booths open and manned for the entire time the vendor hall is open.
  • Your space must be vacated by 9pm on Saturday.

Want to learn more about participating in Christmas Expo? Give us a call at 412-372-8130 or write to us.